Girls Varsity Tennis · Kaneland wins 3-2 over rival Sycamore

2 Sycamore High School
3 Kaneland High School
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Sycamore High School vs Kaneland High School
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A rival game. There’s no other way to look at it. Sycamore-Kaneland has been a conference match for well-over 20 years. These two teams have a long history as opponents, and they have a present history of girls on each team that know each other. and want to be competitive against each other. Make no mistake, everyone who played today looked early on for when this matchup landed on the calendar.

Sycamore showed up to Kaneland ready to play.

Singles players played hard. Cross court winners. Big serves. Setting up points. Chasing down defensive shots. Lizzie is a very good player for Sycamore. A known player that travels with a supportive fanbase. She and her fans always display the best in sportsmanship. Piper won that match today, but Lizzie is a good opponent.

Our Sarah Nguyen has played a couple of matches while Madie Jurasek is sitting out, waiting to hear about an injured foot. Sarah is doing two things at once. She’s finally getting her chance to deliver to the lineup and she’s learning some singles strategies on the fly. Sarah didn’t win this match, but she represented the team well by playing hard and until the very end of the match, trying to figure out how to win every point. Proud of you, this week, Sarah. You’re filling big shoes.

On to doubles, Anna Carlson and Erin McMullen did work today. They had to be ready for a particular kind of return from one of the Sycamore players. We practiced it before the match and when they saw it, they recognized it, and worked through it. One of their players has a very effective serve. They had to react to the spin and the placement. They dug in. Kaneland won points in the net, they hit winners off the baseline, and they served well in the end. 6-3, 6-4.

#2 doubles is featuring a rising start on the Kaneland Tennis Team. Freshman EvieTaylor played very well tonight. She’s serving well. She’s winning points off the baseline. She’s reacting to the ball in the net. Haley Plach added some big serves and quick hands on the defensive shots to bring home the win today, 6-2, 6-4.

#3 doubles was a tough loss. 3-6, 6-4, 5-7. Christel Lamera and Sofia Gonzalez Magnabosco are learning to play well together. These are two very good tennis players.
They’re presently streaky while playing together. They’ll hold together mechanics and strategies for several games and then hit a speedbump. The good news is the speedbumps are getting further apart. The tough news today was they just missed getting past it. Sycamore had two girls that were at least 9 feet tall that liked to play in the middle of the net and steal volleys from groundstrokes. We knew the shots we needed to hit, we just didn’t hit them often enough. Sycamore gets the win here, but I think Kaneland walks away twice as determined to eliminate those speedbumps quicker. I’m betting on quicker with these two.

Under the radar, Kaneland Tennis is 8-1.