Girls Varsity Tennis · Girls Varsity Tennis finishes 2nd place at Lady Hub Tennis Invite

  Place Points
Newman Central Catholic High School 1st 22
Kaneland High School 2nd 20
Dekalb High School 3rd 16
Freeport High School 4th 11
Rochelle Township High School 5th 6

WOW!!! Was it hot out there this weekend! Thank you to all the players and parents for doing everything we could to be competitve and stay safe. In addition to the heat (or because of it recently) we had both of our #1 doubles players out sick for the match. Anna Carlson woke up with a fever, so she didn’t even make the trip and then Erin McMullen’s health faded quickly during the bus ride to the point where we sent her home as the tournament started.

Thankfully, Madie Jurasek rode with the team for support even though she was resting her shoulder. She immediately stepped in for Anna. Then Kaitlyn Becker got the call and made it from Sugar Grove all the way to Rochelle to fill in for Erin (MVP parent Karen Schrepferman drove Erin home and picked up Kaitlyn-huge thanks!). They have never played together and barely even kow each other, but won 2nd place at #1 doubles for Anna and Erin anyway. Great teammates. Great effort!

Piper crushed it at #1 singles Saturday. She played a girl from Sterling Newman that has a big serve and can hit pretty hard groundstrokes. Piper stepped up and simply outlasted her for points, hit aggressive crosscourt shots in the corner, and served pretty well herself to win a good match.

#2 doubles Ingrid Napiorkowski and Haley Plach played 4 straight matches in that heat with hardly any time in between. They were over heated and exhausted. The only reason they didn’t finish in 1st place was that they lost a tiebreaker to Sterling-Newman’s team. They were good opponents and we feel like we could have won that match, we just made one or two more mistakes than they did. A pretty good day overall for Ingrid and Haley.

At #2 singles, Lauren Zablocki started the day off in the heat against a player that kept hitting her short balls/drop shots. That’s not Lauren’s favorite thing anyway, but in the heat, she had a hard time sprinting all over the place and I don’t blame her. Then she ran into a very good #2 singles player from Sterling-Newman and already being over-heated, couldn’t outlast her groundstrokes. So she started the day off 0-2 and quite frustrated. But during her bye round, she got to rest and she completely composed herself, winning the next two matches, including a draining 3 set match at the end of the day for us against DeKalb.

#3 doubles took control of the day from the very beginning. Ava Mandele has been playing varsity doubles for two years now, so she knows how to break down her opponents’ abilities and game plan. Add Christel Lamera’s tendancy to be very consistent and they rolled through the day beating all 4 teams and winning 1st place.

So Kaneland takes 2nd place, getting edged out by 2 points. Sterling-Newman has a good team with a good coach. Considering everything we endured just to be on the courts Saturday, I’d say we didn’t do too badly.