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Girls Junior Varsity Tennis · Girls Junior Varsity Tennis finishes 2nd place at NIB 12 Tennis Meet

  Place Points
LaSalle-Peru High School 1st 35
Kaneland High School 2nd 25
Ottawa Township High School 3rd 23
Sycamore High School 3rd 23
Geneseo High School 5th 21
Yorkville High School 6th 18
Sterling High School 7th 14
Dekalb High School 8th 12
Morris Community High School 9th 3
Rochelle Township High School 10th 0

It was an amazing day of challenging tennis for the Lady Knights JV Tennis Team! The girls arrived ready to fight every opponent they met on the courts, and their perseverance brought them a 2nd place finish! In first singles, Sofia Gonzalez-Magnabosco began with a match against Gardner from Rochelle. Through fast serves and purposeful shots to the baseline, Sofia won her first match 8-1. She then played Oya from LaSalle-Peru, the first seed for that position. The girls had many long rallies, and Sofia played with great talent, but she fell to Oya 3-8. Next for Sofia was a match against Spika from Ottawa, where Sofia lost to her opponent 6-8. In Sofia’s last match of the day, she lost to her opponent, Cooley from Sycamore, 5-8. Sofia finished in 8th place in first singles. In second doubles, Sarah Nguyen made amazing strides on the court. She started with a match against Harms from Geneseo, where Sarah used her powerful groundstrokes to win 8-5. Sarah’s next match was against Tunget from LaSalle-Peru, where she struggled with the angle of her shots, costing her the match 4-6, 4-6. Sarah could not be deterred; in her match against Krull from Sycamore, Sarah pushed herself to the net to make aggressive shots to compliment her groundstrokes. Her strategic efforts fell just short of a win, and she lost to her opponent 5-8. Sarah placed 4th for second singles. In first doubles, Halena Leber and Ally Mitchinson brought power and grace to the courts. Their first match was against Penaflor and Roddy from Sterling, where our girls won a close match 8-6. Communication was key in the second match against Ottawa’s Walker and Charbonneau; unfortunately, the girls fell short of a win 3-6, 3-6. In their final match against Sycamore’s Klassen and Peet, Halena and Ally combined their styles of powerful groundstrokes and elegantly placed shots for a tough fight, but still lost 0-8. First doubles won 4th place for their position. Freshmen second doubles Jenna Lin and Brenna Sheehan had an amazing first season and final tournament. The girls started with a match against Ottawa’s Roalson and Dumistrescu where they won 8-2. In their next match against DeKalb, the girls had to use their communication skills to fight for an explosive win 6-1, 6-2. In their fight for the top spot, the girls played against Klein and Chiapelli of LaSalle-Peru. Jenna and Brenna used every shot they had and fought incredibly hard in the net, but fell just short of the win 7-5, 6-2. They are both commended for defending 2nd place for second singles in the Conference Tournament as freshmen players. Their eyes are set on next year’s success. Third doubles Lauren Kasap and Leanne Steenwyk had a spectacular day of purposeful, powerful tennis. The girls started their day against Ramos and Hubbard from Sterling. Both Leanne and Lauren are great communicators, and they are both confident players in the net. These skills combined brought them to a hard-fought win of 9-7. In their second match against Geneseo’s Craig and Slaymaker, the girls used strong groundstrokes to the baseline and strategic shots to win 7-4 (tiebreaker), 6-4. The last match against Sycamore had everyone on the edge of their seats. Leanne and Lauren fought aggressively for their position and defended the net with remarkable strength. Their diligent efforts and beautiful shots brought them the first place win for the third doubles position. As a whole team, the growth and support between the girls this season have been nothing short of awe-inspiring. They supported each other both on and off the courts, and they worked together to play their best every day. As their coaches, Larsen and I are incredibly proud of their efforts, and we can’t wait to see the power they will bring to the Varsity team some day. It was a great year for the Lady Knights JV Tennis Team!