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Switching to the new GameChanger Team Manager App


Go to your app store on your device and download the new GameChanger Team Manager app.  

    Apple     Google Play 


Family, players, and fans are able to search the GameChanger Team Manager database for existing teams to join!
Fans can download the Team Manager app, create an account with the same email address they used on the old Baseball & Softball app, and they’ll see the team you imported in their account automatically and be able to follow games.

If you can log in that way, then you are all set, if you are having problems finding our team, please follow the next steps.  At the bottom of the page you will find how you can watch all of our games this year via livestream through this new app!! 


Requesting Membership (Family/Players/Fans)

Tap the search icon in the top left of the Teams tab in the app

  1. Begin typing your team’s name. You can use the “Sport”, “Season” and “Location” filters to narrow your search.
  2. Select the correct version of the team, our Team Name is: Kaneland Knights Varsity
  3. Tap the Join Team button
  4. Specify if you are a parent, player, or fan
  5. Choose the correct player profile from the roster if joining as a parent or player
  6. Until your request is approved, your status will be listed as Pending, and you will have Fan level access to the team

In order to View/Watch a Livestream of all of the Varsity Baseball games, please click HERE for directions.