Knights News · Athlete Concussion Testing Information

Dear Athletes and Parents,

This year Kaneland High School will continue to implement concussion testing. This information will be
for baseline testing of our student athletes. For concussion testing we use the computer based ImPACT
system. The goal of this program is to provide the greatest degree of safety possible for all Kaneland

If an athlete is believed to have suffered a concussion during practice or a competition, the ImPACT
assessment is taken again and the new data will be compared to the baseline test. This information is
then used as a tool to assist your sports medicine team in determining the extent of the injury,
monitoring recovery, and in making safe return to play decisions. The ImPACT platform is optimized to
meet the most recent sports concussion consensus guidelines.

If at any time the athletic staff or parent(s) believe an injury of this nature occurs, we will pull the
student-athlete from practice and competition until he/she is cleared to begin the return to play
protocol. The goal of this test is to keep our athletes’ safety foremost in our minds and actions.
The athletes will need to complete this test at home with a notification sent to the athletic trainers at
Kaneland High School once the testing has been completed. Directions to the exam are on the reverse
side of this letter. Athletes should complete the test in a quiet room with no distractions such as
television, music, or cell phone.

Thank you for your support and help with the implementation of this program. More information can be
found at Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Missy Johnson, MS/ATC
Athletic Trainer
Kaneland High School


ImPACT Letter